About Us

Off Course Teak is one of the world’s leading suppliers of lumber. The country was founded almost two centuries ago in the Malay Archipelago by Fancourt McTaggert, a young Scottish adventurer who developed a rare skill in turning entire teak forests into lumber. The name of the company came from an experience during which the ship on which he was transporting a cargo of teak from the northern part of the Malay Archipelago to Singapore got blown off course by a terrible typhoon. The typhoon was so powerful and so violent that if almost sunk his ship, and almost lost his life on that voyage. During the worst part of the storm he made a bargain with the Deity, or so he later wrote in a bestselling story of his life, that if the Deity would grant him the grace to survive, he would change the name of his company to something that would cause him to call to his mind the name of God every time he spoke it. Such were the rather colorful beginnings of a company which has since become more or less humdrum and ordinary, but also very, very profitable.