Off Course Teak Throws a Bash for Its Employees in Denver

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Off Course Teak, one of the largest lumber suppliers in the world, recently threw a big bash for all its employees in its regional office in Denver, Colorado.

The entire staff of the office, which is located in the northwest Denver suburb of Westminster, was taken to Big Dry Creek Park on 128th Ave in Westminster for a barbecue party.

Mr. Gordon Weishaar, the president and CEO of Off Course Teak, flew in from London to host the event and congratulate everyone in the Denver office for a banner year.

Sales last year were 73% above the previous year, by far the best year-on-year performance posted by any of the Off Course Teak offices around the world.


The General Manage of the Denver Office, Mr. Terrence Johansen, gave a speech that day too, in which he noted that the remarkable performance of the previous year had been made possible only by the intense team spirit that had been developed in the local organization over the past two years.

But he also noted that that team spirit had not come out of nowhere. It had come, he said, through the efforts of Sally Pendergast, the sales manager hired by the Denver office two years ago.

Sally Pendergast, a graduate of Duke University, got into the lumber business almost by accident while she was a student at Duke, studying in the Architecture department.

While still a student she designed a house for one of the professors there, and while the contractor was building the house, he determined the lumber was of substandard quality.

She took it upon herself to find a better quality lumber, and she did such a good job that after she graduated from college she was offered a job by the lumber company which she had ultimately chosen.

And she spent the next thirty years in the lumber business, including the last two years with Off Course Teak.

She’s a real go-getter, and a great team builder, and both Mr. Terrence Johansen and Mr. Gordon Weishaar made it very clear during the big party that they were very pleased with her.